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All-Fill filling machines continue to stand alone as the one and only industry leader, with a focus on future designs and advancing technology.


January 5th, 2017

In November, All-Fill attended Pack Expo International in Chicago. Pack Expo Chicago was the largest trade show that All-Fill exhibited at in 2016. This was our largest show because it featured new equipment offerings, an updated booth display, and multiple booth locations for our divisions.

Because of our new product offerings, All-Fill participated in a “Live From Pack Expo” segment which features two additions to our filling line, our 3-A sanitary auger filler and the e-series of vibratory fillers. These two fillers greatly expand our filling capabilities to various industries. The 3-A machine is a sanitary filler designed for dairy applications and the e-series is the economical filler intended for delicate free-flowing products.

Kyle Edginton, Executive Vice President, demonstrates both machines in the above video. All-Fill became an approved manufacturer of a 3-A sanitary auger filler back in August of 2016. This filler is designed for the sanitary filling of powdered dairy products, however; any industry that has a need for increased sanitary measures, such as the nutraceutical industry, should consider a 3-A sanitary filler.

All-Fill’s model BS-SV-600-3A, shown in the video, is a servo-driven 3-A sanitary auger filler atop a sanitary frame featuring a bladder style bag clamp assembly. Constructed completely of 316 stainless steel, this sanitary washdown machine features a continuously welded frame that features sloped surfaces and control boxes to eliminate any buildup that can occur.

This model features a bag clamp assembly with an integrated loadcell to either fill-by-weight or volumetrically. Depending on the bag type, either a bag clamp or an inflatable bag clamp will be utilized to hold a bag during filling for an accurate weight. A bag clamp is primarily used for sturdy bags such as kraft paper bags and an inflatable style bag clamp handles plastic bags. Either style of bag clamp can be used with an integrated scale to achieve a more accurate fill.

Another addition to the All-Fill filling line is the e-series of economical vibratory fillers, which is designed to take scoop and scale companies to the next level. This series can accurately weigh and fill free-flowing products such as coffee, nuts, or snack foods into the desired container through a variety of nozzle options. Every model is constructed out of stainless steel and features four locking casters that will allow you to move the machine around a facility with ease.

Featuring a color touch screen and product memory, allows the user to easily select a product from memory and run from the previous settings. Because this machine is all electric and does not require pneumatics, simply plug it in, select a recipe and starting filling. All features are available on both models in the e-series.

For more information about our new equipment capabilities, contact us at (610) 524-7350 or