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All-Fill filling machines continue to stand alone as the one and only industry leader, with a focus on future designs and advancing technology.


October 22nd, 2014

All-Fill Inc. is tremendously respected within the filling, checkweighing and VFFS (vertical form fill and seal) market.  Our fine reputation has been built around very simple, easy to use machines that solve standard and custom packaging solutions alike.  But perhaps most important to over 45 years of packaging success is the longevity and stability of All-Fill’s field service team.

Today, All-Fill boasts eight full time field service technicians specializing in installations and technical support not only for auger filling machines, but cup fillers, vibratory fillers, piston fillers, Alpha Checkweighers and Avatar VFFS bag machines.  “All-Fill’s goal in regard to field service is to have an abundance of available technicians that are well rounded to service and support the full range of All-Fill’s product offerings”, exclaims Millet George- field service manager.  “We never want to have a technician that is only capable of working on one model, versatility is the absolutely crucial especially given the high demand for our services from week to week,” adds George.

A typical ll-Fill field service technician is in the field roughly 50% of the time, meaning half of the team is in the field while the other half remains in the Exton, PA facility in order to answer phone calls and troubleshoot machinery.  In addition to over the phone troubleshooting, field service technicians spend time on the assembly floor checking out machine prior to shipment, assisting with FAT (factory acceptance tests) and continuing their education as machinery progresses over time.

Within the past two years, All-Fill has assumed so many new custom machine installations that the role of the field serviceman has become so important.  Once a technician is assigned a custom machine, he becomes “married” to that machine and shows a tremendous amount of dedication towards making the installation a success.  Field service technicians can often times spend up to a month at a customer’s facility as they work together to install the machinery and stay involved all the way through the customers internal validation process.

In order to schedule All-Fill field service, it is wise to give up to two weeks advance notice if not more.  Often times field service visits can come together much more quickly than two weeks and availability is extremely dependent on current time workloads and commitments.  All-Fill field service can be arranged via your regional All-Fill, Alpha or Avatar sales person or by contacting the department directly at 610-524-7350 or  Please expect immediate response s Monday through Friday from 8:00am EST to 4:30pm EST.