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All-Fill filling machines continue to stand alone as the one and only industry leader, with a focus on future designs and advancing technology.


November 5th, 2013

Exton, PA – All-Fill, Inc. and its fine family of companies is proud to announce the agreement made with Shawpak Systems to become its exclusive representative in Canada.  Shawpak Systems will aggressively be pushing both the All-Fill & Alpha Checkweigher lines across the entire country of Canada.

Revamped, revitalized and outfitted with seven determined partners, Shawpak is motivated to provide education to customers across Canada on all of All-Fill and Alpha’s product offerings.

“The All-Fill & Shawpak Partnership is a great opportunity for us to expand our business in Canada; getting more filling machines and checkweighers sold and installed in Canada is the main goal here and with all seven members of the newly formed Shawpak team, I know we are in good hands;” says Kyle Edginton, VP of Sales & Marketing at All-Fill, Inc. He continues, “We are extremely excited to work with Shawpak Systems and love the fact that the Shawpak representatives cover the entire country of Canada and not just one centralized location.”

Oakville Ontario – Shawpak Systems Ltd. announced today the completion of the sale and transfer of ownership of the company

Gerry Cellucci, President of Shawpak Systems Ltd., said, “This transaction marks 27 years of ownership and effective stewardship of Shawpak Systems by Pete Skinner Jr. and Peter Skinner Sr.    Together the Skinners have made tremendous positive contributions to the Company and, as a result, to our customers and our employees.  We look forward to continuing in the same tradition and with same commitment.   We greatly appreciate the support we received on this ownership change from our employees and so many of our stakeholders.”

Shawpak Systems Ltd. has been acquired by two former salesmen of Shawpak Systems Ltd., Rick Topp and Larry Swift as well as four partners of Alex E. Jones & Associates Ltd.: Gerry Cellucci, Paul Duke, Stephane Morin, and Christian Charbonneau.  Following the acquisition, Nigel Turnpenny, formerly of Mettler Toledo joined the company as a partner as well as Regional Manager for Western Canada now providing local sales and service support to the area.

The new organizational change will focus on delivering exceptional sales and service to a client base with an ever increasing expectation of product knowledge and professionalism from their partners and vendors.   Rick Topp, VP of Sales, Larry Swift VP of Technical Services and Nigel Turnpenny, Sales and Service, Western Canada, will each have a significant role in shaping the future of the company.    Our combined wealth of knowledge and experience will be utilized to achieve our goal of being the premier source for product inspection systems in Canada.

About Shawpak Systems Ltd.   

Founded in 1984, Shawpak Systems Ltd is a major Canadian distributor of product inspection systems with sales and service centers in Alberta, Ontario and Quebec servicing all of Canada. The company’s factory trained technicians are instrumental in overseeing machine installations, start-up support, emergency repairs, troubleshooting, regular maintenance, machine upgrades and Certificate of Compliance.

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About Alex E. Jones & Associates Ltd.

Alex E. Jones & Associates Ltd. is Canada’s premier supplier of packaging automation solutions and is the exclusive representative for many of the world’s leading equipment manufacturers. Founded in 1976, Alex E. Jones has become Canada’s foremost supplier of packaging equipment for the manufacturing sectors in the food, beverage, consumer goods and pharmaceutical products industries. The company provides national sales and service representation with offices in Edmonton Alberta, Oakville Ontario and Montreal, Quebec.

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