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All-Fill filling machines continue to stand alone as the one and only industry leader, with a focus on future designs and advancing technology.


September 16th, 2015

On Monday, September 28 will be unveiling its newly completed design of our sanitary auger filling machine. This unveiling will take place at Pack Expo Las Vegas in the Central Hall at booth 1809. The exhibition will run from Monday, September 28 thru Wednesday, September 30. All-Fill will have the machine in their booth as well as explanations of the features of the machine to attendees.

The sanitary machine was designed to meet the requirements for products that have a strict sanitary standard and the machines that fill them. Products such as whey proteins, milk powders, cheese based powders and custom dairy blends, require the strict sanitary standard.

To meet the need of these standards, All-Fill has engineered a Model B-SV-600 with sloped surfaces in all of the critical areas. The idea behind the sloped surfaces is to reduce the chance for product particles or contaminants to enter these areas and eliminate the growth of bacteria.

At the moment, the sanitary filler does not come with any USDA- dairy grading branch approvals (3A), but that is the intention.  A representative from the USDA grading branch will visit All-Fill to carefully inspect the machine and bring our mechanical engineering team up to date with all of the latest USDA standards for machinery with a 3A dairy compliant sticker.  After this evaluation, All-Fill will go back to the drawing board to better refine our design in hopes for a successive inspection of the machine at which time the intent is to get the 3A approval.

Among the new sanitary design, All-Fill will be featuring models SHA-600, BS-600, B-350e, and a BS-SV-600. Other divisions of the company will also have machinery displaying such as an Avatar A-1200 as well as an HP-14, PW-12, and EW-8 series checkweighers.

All-Fill will look forward to unveiling our sanitary filler at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2015, and hopefully a USDA-3A approved unit at Pack Expo Chicago 2016.