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All-Fill filling machines continue to stand alone as the one and only industry leader, with a focus on future designs and advancing technology.


April 15th, 2016

Since 1983, Auger Fabrication has become a staple for ordering new and replacement auger and funnel parts for the vertical auger filler industry. Most recently, Auger Fabrication has also been a supplied to the horizontal markets.  In addition, Auger Fabrication is also providing complex paddle feed screws, not to mention the ability to manufacture detailed shaft and stem work. Our expanded capabilities are due in large part to a long-standing staff as well as a state of the art machine shop that continues to push boundaries in order to provide the highest quality parts at a fair price.

Auger Fabrication is located in Exton, PA at a 65,000 square foot facility, consisting of an extensive machine shop housing, one Mazak Integrez machine, one Hurrco VM3 (vertical machining center), two Kingston engine lathes, five Clausing engine lathes, two Bridegeport knee mills, six Lees Brander Threadmills and two flight rolling machines. These machines allow Auger-Fab to meet virtually every end user requirement.

Auger Fabrication also benefits from the support of All-Fill Inc. (parent company, shares same facility) which gives customers first class quality and on time or earlier deliveries on standard and customized.  Auger Fabrication has complete access to All-Fill’s vast engineering department, as well as machine shop services to offer such as welding and grinding/polishing.

Auger-Fab, works very closely with the highest standard vendor’s to ensure the best quality of raw material is used in the construction of Auger fabrication components. If your application is custom in anyway, let us know.  Auger specializes in augers and funnel of various raw material compositions such as stainless steel (303,304,316, 316L), mild steel, bronze, plastics and much more.

For further information on Auger Fabrication, please contact your local sales representative at 610-524-7350.  Please ask for Matt Brennecke or Allen Stewart.