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All-Fill filling machines continue to stand alone as the one and only industry leader, with a focus on future designs and advancing technology.


June 16th, 2014

From the day All-Fill officially acquired V-Line (VFFS machinery) from Magnum Systems on April 15th, 2011 we have always looked forward to every milestone and groundbreaking event under the new ownership team.  As we look back three full years now, All-Fill cannot think of a better start to this brand new venture into the world of flexible packaging.  At first, the concept of flexible packaging was familiar but not exactly well known within All-Fill.  But now, it seems as if Avatar has been a part of the All-Fill family for decades.  “It’s simply incredible to look at the growth of Avatar in just three short years, exclaims Ryan Edginton, President/CEO All-Fill Inc.  “Avatar has doubled per year sales volume as a part of All-Fill and the reception of the product line within the industry has been overwhelmingly positive and encouraging as we continually strive for to make improvements to the product offering.”

Avatar VFFS (vertical form fill seal), offering four standard models depending on the size of the bag and rate of production, has greatly enhanced its standard features such as a completely stainless steel frame assembly.  Perhaps Avatar’s greatest strength is our ability to vertically integrate with any type of filling machine.  Since 2011, Avatar bag machines have used auger fillers, cup fillers, linear vibratory feeders, combination scales, and Moyno pumps to handle many unique applications.  In addition, volumetric piston fillers can also handle viscous liquid applications.  There is no doubt that Avatar- a fine subsidiary of All-Fill Inc. has the absolute best knowledge and expertise for filling technology under one roof located in Exton, PA.  All product testing occurs in the same facility as engineering, manufacturing, assembly and shipping.  Avatar’s ability to host potential customers to gain firsthand experience of their product being tested is unrivaled in the industry.  Seamless integration has been and will continue to be a strength of the All-Fill family of companies.

In the near future, please look forward to press releases from Avatar as we are currently working to engineer game changing innovations to allow for the Avatar machinery to produce increased productivity.  For more information on Avatar VFFS please contact Brian Klughardt ( ) or Steve Pentek ( ).