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January 7th, 2014

Is your company in need of an auger filler immediately?  If so, All-Fill can help as we have made the commitment to stockpiling components for semi-automatic model B-350-e auger filling machines.  To prove our capabilities, the All-Fill assembly team was able to construct a made-to-order model B-350-e in 1 hour, 42 minutes using two assemblers. Enjoy the stop motion video captured by our GoPro cameras that monitor the assembly floor. 

In order to take full advantage of All-Fill’s lightning fast deliveries on semi-automatic filling machines, it helps to have certain information available for your regional salesperson. 

First, make sure that your salesperson understands your filling application(s) and that all containers and products have been discussed beforehand.  Then, if needed, ensure that you take advantage of All-Fill’s free product testing in our state-of-the-art product testing laboratory.  Your ability to pre-determine the floor to discharge height, or nozzle height is crucial.  With this information, All-Fill can appropriately size the column for your machine.  Lastly, please make sure you have done research at your facility in order to properly source the correct electrical requirements.  Typically, semi-automatic auger fillers are built for low voltage (example: 230V) or high voltage (480V), utilizing 3 phase power and 60 HZ.  Occasionally, semi-automatic filling machines are also built to operate in locations that only have single phase power, so please be sure to specify your unique requirements. 

The model B-350-e auger filling machine comes standard with a PLC/HMI, high performance clutch and brake control, three speed fill motor drive system, easy-to-remove hopper, fully enclosed agitation drive, one-piece cast head, and industry-leading safety features.  All-Fill and Auger-Fabrication also stock large quantities of standard auger and funnel sizes as well.  If you are in need of a quick delivery auger filler, the tooling is typically available immediately. 

All-Fill’s stock room is not only loaded with components for new machinery builds but, a majority of popular spare parts can regularly be found in stock for immediate delivery as well.   Although, All-Fill can only guarantee immediate deliveries on our popular and economical model B-350-e, model B-600 auger fillers and model B-SV-600 auger fillers can be arranged for quicker than normal deliveries. 

Alpha Checkweighers can also deliver certain model PW-12 checkweighers at expedited lead times upon request.  Please ask your salesperson how All-Fill can help you out during your next time crunch for packaging machinery.