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July 15th, 2014

Imagine running across your bathroom scale and it accurately reading your weight, which would be pretty cool, right?  Well that is exactly what an Alpha Checkweigher does.  It is called dynamic weighing, different from static weighing which most people are familiar with.

In the packaging industry dynamic weighing serves as a method of quality control.  For packagers, giving away too much product is costly over time.  On the other hand, the packager could be faced with fines for improper labeling if the labeled weight is greater than the packaged weight.  As consumers, we are often turned off by a package that contains fewer contents than the label suggests.

Alpha Checkweighers are often positioned in a packaging line just after a filling machine or a capping machine.  In the simplest operations, a checkweigher serves as a traffic cop, allowing good packaged weights to pass through and overweight/underweight packages to be kicked off line.  There are various methods of rejecting overweight or underweight packages.  If the package is light enough and often flexible, perhaps filled by an Avatar VFFS machine, an air reject is most often suitable.  For heavier products often filled into rigid containers from All-Fill auger fillers, linear vibratory feeders, or volumetric cup fillers, a pneumatic pusher reject is needed to move bad weights off line.

Perhaps the most useful feature available with Alpha Checkweighers is checkweigher to filler feedback.  To keep it simple, the checkweigher recognizes bad weights whether they are overweight or underweight.  Then, the checkweigher sends a signal to the filler telling it to correct the overweight or underweight trend that it has detected.  Utilizing various filling concepts, the filler makes adjustments to hopefully satisfy the checkweigher. Once the checkweigher continues to see weights within the acceptable target range, it sends smaller adjustments to the filler to maintain its performance.  Checkweigher feedback is most useful for applications in which environmental changes are frequent and/or product density changes occur.

Alpha Checkweighers is a major player in the inspection market.  Alpha features six (6) standard machine offerings to target all budgets and application speeds and accuracies.  For most packagers, Alpha Checkweighers can replace direct labor in regards to packaging inspectors and or top off/take away stations.  Many industries require checkweighers and for those that do not, it is most certainly a developing trend.  Alpha Checkweighers are in prime position to be market competitive in regard to price and our guaranteed to meet any delivery requirements.  For more information on Alpha Checkweighers, please contact Mr. Brian Jones or by calling 610-524-7350, the operator will direct you directly to Brian.