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All-Fill filling machines continue to stand alone as the one and only industry leader, with a focus on future designs and advancing technology.

Biff Bailey Retires

December 22nd, 2020

All-Fill is nonexistent without the unique group of employees that have called All-Fill home for many years. One in particular we would like to bring recognition to is, Biff Bailey. Biff began working with All-Fill in September of 1973 when the plant was in Newtown Square. He only stayed for one year before going back to school, marrying his wife, Karen of 43 years, and starting a family. During this time he worked for GE Aerospace / Martin Marietta for 10 years before returning to All-Fill on January 31st,1994. Since then, he has been a part of the All-Fill family as our product lab technician and sales support for the past 27 years. Today, we are wishing him a happy retirement!  

Biff has always enjoyed the challenge in finding the right tooling for the right product and machinery to work together. Over the years of working in the lab, Biff has gained a great deal of knowledge, that he applied during the sales process to give our customers the most honest answers. Despite, the hard-working individual he is in the office and lab, he always knew how to have some fun and make his co-workers laugh. 

Bailey declared,


"I have many great memories and it’s difficult to narrow it down to one, but in the fall of 1995, I went to my first PPMI Show in Las Vegas which I have many fond memories of. All-Fill recognized my ability to comfortably talk and work with customers and I am forever thankful for that. I worked the second packaging show in Anaheim, California before returning home after 13 days, the longest I had ever been away from my young family"


As his time with All-Fill comes to a close, Biff is looking forward to the years to come. In retirement, he has many ideas planned ahead to keep him on his toes. Biff looks forward to tackling a few home improvement projects as well as nice weather to put him on his motorcycle. He plans on taking day trips through Pennsylvania, and longer trips through the mountains of western North Carolina, West Virginia, southwest Virginia, and eastern Tennessee. Along with these trips, he will continue to carry out his passion of photography to the next level. Most importantly, he is looking forward to spending more time with his wife, Karen, and their three adult children who live close by. Oh last but not least, his adventure walks in the woods with his pup, Boone, and their soon to be puppy that will be joining their family in the coming year.



President and CEO, Ryan Edginton expressed,


"When it comes to product handling knowledge Biff is the best!  Literally, he is the best. I told Biff just the other day that he has to be proud that he knows more than anybody in the world when it comes to auger tooling and product handling. I know for sure that I am not the best at anything in the world, but Biff most certainly is, think about that for a second!


Over the years All-Fill has had very few issues with accessories that didn't work to the customers expectation, Biff is mostly to thank for this. Biff has done an excellent job in preparing the next leader of the All-Fill/Auger Fabrication test lab, Chris O'Keefe. Chris is more than qualified to take on this task and has already left his mark on the position by enhancing the technological capabilities of the lab and the way that our customers will be presented with media and data from lab tests. 


All-Fill Inc. and Auger Fabrication customers can only expect more from our test lab moving forward and for this we thank Chris and also the legacy that Biff is leaving behind. We are going to miss Biff's personality, mostly his laugh and his signature catchphrases which everyone knows but needs no mention on the company website. Biff, we wish you the best in retirement, you now have the opportunity to do everything you always wanted to do as a result of your hardwork and dedication over the years to All-Fill Inc."

Now the real fun begins! Congratulations on your retirement, All-Fill wishes you nothing but happiness in your retirement years!