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All-Fill filling machines continue to stand alone as the one and only industry leader, with a focus on future designs and advancing technology.


November 11th, 2015

All-Fill was started in 1969 as a manufacturer of auger filling machines and that has always been our identity. However in the mid 1980s, early efforts were made to develop a checkweigher.  A checkweigher is not something that many packagers often consider, in fact, it is often overlooked.  All-Fill designs all filling machines around maximizing speed, accuracy, cleanliness, and ease of use, the biggest challenge is often accuracy.  Accuracy from a filling machine, no matter what type, is dependent on a variety of factors such as product supply, product density, tooling selection, environmental conditions, and even operator/set-up error on the machinery.  The message is simple, stop accepting mediocrity from your packaging line, and consider a checkweigher from Alpha Checkweighers!


Alpha Checkweighers at a minimum will dynamically weigh all packages moving across them for accuracy rejecting those that are out of your required specification and accepting those within the programmed limits.  Checkweighers come in many different shapes and sizes depending on the object that needs to be inspected.  Think of your checkweigher as an extension of your QC department, it is inspection instrument.  The methodology behind a checkweigher is that there is a static scale or load cell mounted below the weighing conveyor.  The scales or load cells vary depending on the application.  The easiest way to understand checkweighing is to envision running across your bathroom scale rather than standing on it statically.  As a package is conveyed along the checkweighers in feed belt, there is a photo eye sensor that detects the package as it arrives to the scale and as it leaves the scale.  At no time can two packages be on the scale as they would interfere with one another leading to poor precision.


Checkweighers vary in regards to precision just as they do to minimum and maximum weight and rate of weighing.  The scale or load cell is what determines precision and of course there are many options.  Alpha checkweigher has standard, off the shelf models for most any in line packaging application.  As mentioned before, checkweighers can easily be integrated with All-Fill filling machines or can stand alone and be utilized the weigh packages that are not filled on line.  One very important feature is feedback capability.  For applications where there are ever changing variables, a checkweigher is great because it allows the filler to adjust for optimal results.   For more information regarding Alpha Checkweighers, allow Brian Jones and/or Bobby Kelley to help you improve your packaging line.  They can be reached at 610-524-7350.