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February 14th, 2014

Wire cutoff restricts product flow when fill weight approaches user-defined target weight. The cutoff assembly mounts directly to process the butterfly valve.

A manufacturer of custom, fruit-based fillings, frosting and fondant for the baking and confectionery industries needed to improve the operation of its fondant packaging line. Product was being dispensed continually from a butterfly valve into square, 5 gallon pails placed on a platform scale. An operator then manually controlled filled amounts using a spatula to restrict product flow. This process was inaccurate and required a dedicated operator to control product flow.

In order to solve the two-fold problem of product fill control and the need for greater accuracy, Alpha Checkweighers proposed a specially designed Model HW-15 Checkweigher, a product cutoff device, and custom-designed software for both filling and checkweighing control. The Model HW-15 included a 12” x 60” in-feed conveyor, a 12” x 18” scale conveyor, and a 12” x 58” discharge conveyor. The system also had to meet strict Washdown requirements (IP 65)

Since Alpha Checkweighers is a division of All-Fill, Incorporated the product cutoff, mounted on the butterfly valve, was nothing new to the design team. It was positioned over the scale conveyor section so when a pail was in place the fill process could continue.

Due to the fact that the product being dispensed was flowing continuously, staging pails to and from the scale conveyor had to be flawless. Air-operated cylinder indexing pins regulated and positioned the containers for filling and weighing.

In addition, Alpha provided written software that allowed a target set point value to be selected. When the weight on the scale approaches the set point target, the cutoff device would actuate to temporarily restrict