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June 24th, 2015

All-Fill Inc provides in house product testing for all of our customers, but very few of them know the face behind the tester. He’s provided twenty-two years of quality service to the team and to our customers by providing them with honest answers about the expectations that their products and our machines can achieve together.

Biff Bailey, regional sales manager and OEM sales manager, has been working in the lab for many years. He enjoys the challenge of finding the right tooling for the right product and machinery to work together.

In 1973, as a teenager, he started as a stock clerk and he appreciated the work ethic of the company and especially of the first CEO, Dick Edginton. Bailey admired how Dick was dedicated to seeing All-Fill succeed and how he looked out for his employees.

Returning to the company in 1994, he started out as a lab technician and sales support. In the lab he learned the inner workings of filling machines and being able to conveying that clearly to a potential customer. Starting out as sales support, Bailey was able to answer questions for salesmen that were out of the office. He quickly started to pick up more work as a salesman and his knowledge and ability to evaluate a product with their machines.

As he has grown from the novice salesman to the go-to person, he has confidence in his ability to go through the entire sales process with a customer and bring them an honest answer in regards to their product and filling machinery.

Knowing he is valued as a member of the All-Fill team, Bailey has continued to provide knowledge that others may not know, “The knowledge I have gained through the lab has helped the sales process because it conveys a true knowledge of their equipment.”

He recalls an experience where he told a customer his honest opinion about his machinery and the quote the customer had received from a competitor. A Canadian customer, filling an Ag-chem powder into a narrow opening container, requested a quote. He told them that he would not be able to run more than six containers per minute on a single head automatic powder filling machine. A competitor claimed that for the same product and container, they could fill 15 containers per minute. After a factory test at the competitor’s plant, All-Fill received a purchase order.

“I was honest and provided realistic expectations for an auger filler and their product,” said Bailey. Although he is the man that tests product in the lab, his advice is to provide the product and container for testing to get the most accurate result.

He continues to work in the lab and provide customers with accurate analysis of their products and our machinery. If you do not know what is best for your product, then contact Biff Bailey about testing your product to find the right tooling and machinery.