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All-Fill filling machines continue to stand alone as the one and only industry leader, with a focus on future designs and advancing technology.


January 18th, 2016

 All-Fill Inc still provides the machinery that it was founded on, auger fillers; however since 1969 the product line has evolved to provide even more packaging solutions for our customers. From fillers to baggers and much more, All-Fill continues to provide quality machinery and spare parts that are all made in the USA.

As you may know, we started with auger fillers and now we have included piston fillers, vibratory feeders and volumetric cup fillers. By providing four different fillers, we have created an all encompassing filling line for virtually any application. In addition to the fillers, we also provide checkweighers and vertical form fill and seal baggers.

Avatar, All-Fill’s vertical form fill and seal division, can be fully integrated with each product line or stand by itself. With virtually any of our fillers atop the bagger, this machine can make bags with your company’s label and information already on it and product already in it before the bag is sealed closed. Once the bag is dropped from the bagger, it can be dropped onto a conveyor that will lead to a checkweigher for weight analysis and possibly metal detection for your industry.

Our checkweighers have been providing our customers with accurate weights for 30 years. Alpha Checkweighers comes in a variety of models for different product applications. Utilize the checkweighers versatility in being able to handle virtually any container with our online, in production weighing, and weight control equipment. Checkweighers are easily integrated with OEM’s like metal detectors and x-ray machines for certain industries.

Integrating an Alpha Checkweigher with an All-Fill machine is as easy as integrating it with another filler. Equipment can be fully integrated and inspected prior to shipment to ensure the machine runs to the customers standards. Even if the machinery is not from All-Fill but is integrating with an All-Fill machine, we can run and test it in our plant so you only need to travel once to see a finished product before it is installed in your plant.

For more information about system integration, please contact your sales representative or email