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All-Fill filling machines continue to stand alone as the one and only industry leader, with a focus on future designs and advancing technology.


December 5th, 2016

All-Fill strives to provide filling solutions for virtually any application through our range of filling equipment that can successfully fill powders, granules, and free-flowing delicate products. From large to small fills and high rates of speed, All-Fill is the expert in filling solutions.

At the inception of All-Fill in 1969, Richard Edginton initially offered highly reliable, economical auger fillers featuring a simplified design that accurately dispenses product with minimum setup, maintenance, or operator intervention. As All-Fill continues to expand filling equipment capabilities, easy to operate economical fillers are needed across the product line.

“Customers have always loved our economical fillers and for good reason. They are reliable machines that are priced appropriately and troubleshooting is simple even for the most novice packager,” says Kyle Edginton, VP and Sales Manager.

Because of this, we developed the e-series of linear net weight vibratory fillers designed for packaging products such as nuts, coffee, candies, and other free-flowing products. This machine is the logical next step for companies currently seeking to move from manual operations to an automated solution.

The e-series is available in a single lane or dual lane, which is capable of achieving speeds of 900-1800 fills per hour, respectively. Featuring a complete stainless steel construction with a fully welded frame and four locking casters, this machine can conveniently be transported throughout your plant and locked into a new location.


Another feature of the e-series is the color touchscreen HMI (human machine interface), that holds up to 50 recipes or programs. Each name will correlate with a recipe that will contain the settings utilized for the appropriate fill from the previous use. This feature will maximize efficiencies by reducing the amount of time needed to set-up your filler for any product. By selecting the recipe that correlates with the desired product to be filled, simply fill the hopper with product and start filling containers.

Like the economical offerings that All-Fill was founded on, the e-series does not compromise on features and is appropriately priced for the newcomer to the industry. The e-series is available for delivery within one week of receiving an order.

“We’ve had a great success implementing this machine in small hand-packing facilities,” says Buddy Pennisi, Division Manager of vibratory and volumetric cup filling. “This machine is very easy to use and great for people new to automation.”

All-Fill’s e-series is a great entry-level packaging solution for anyone looking to take their production to the next level. For more information on the e-series or any of our product offerings, call us at (610) 524-7350, email, or chat with us online and we will be happy to help you.