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All-Fill filling machines continue to stand alone as the one and only industry leader, with a focus on future designs and advancing technology.


January 16th, 2015

All-Fill specializes in quick delivery and very competitive pricing on rotary auger fillers.  Typically, rotary auger fillers are ideal for applications of 80+ containers per minute and many times are capable of filling 300+ containers per
minute.  Some rotary auger fillers are dedicated to running one specific product while others fill a wide range and variety of products.  Regardless, changeover time is an extremely important factor to consider when investigating the purchase of a rotary auger filler.

All-Fill has unique designs and concepts that make changeover very easy for operators.  A majority of the rotary auger fillers that All-Fill puts in the field have an infeed timing screw, a center guide, inner and outer star wheels, outer guide and sometimes and outfeed timing screw.  A term that encapsulates all of these parts is “change parts.”  Change parts are often times color coded so that they are easily recognized during changeovers.  In the past, All-Fill has sold rotary fillers with as many as ten separate sets of change parts which is often times confusing unless organized properly.

Of course nobody wants to use tools when performing a rotary changeover.  A “tool less” changeover is always the objective for All-Fill engineers.  Timing screw are easy to remove and install as one end of the timing screw retracts enabling the timing screw to effortlessly fall out of a machine groove.  All of the inner change parts are locked down using a ½ turn knob.  The inner parts sit on a patterned knob that is easily turned.  The outer guides are even simpler.  A majority of containers can go through a rotary without outer guides, however they are there for support.  The outer guides utilize a male end/female end design, easily lifting out of place and dropped back in.

By no means is All-Fill limited to standard rotary designs.  All-Fill engineers pride themselves on being able to adapt and properly design around any application parameters.  All-Fill is the foremost authority for rotary filler design, we look forward to understanding your unique application.

For more information, please reach your regional salesperson at 610-524-7350 or email us at All-Fill is a manufacturer of auger fillers, checkweighers (Alpha Checkweighers), Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) and linear net weigh vibratory fillers.