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October 15th, 2014

It is often a very difficult decision to make but most packagers struggle with the decision of whether to buy semi-automatic machinery vs. automatic machinery.  To be clear, semi-automatic machinery typically involves the need for a full time operator.  The filling machine needs to be initiated to fill or needs to have a worker introduce a container to it in order to be filled.  With automatic machinery however, the containers are already present on the conveyor and filling typically is initiated by photo eye detection.  Operators are often present, but their role is more than likely to oversee the packaging line as a whole.

The semi-automatic fillers are attractive to customers because of their entry level price points.  For customers that have many different products to fill and short production runs, the semi-automatic filler is ideal.  A changeover on a semi-automatic filler should typically be five minutes or less.  Removing the contact parts is very simple and can be done using one worker.  “If there is ever a question, it never hurts to start with the semi-automatic filling machine,” says Danny Durante, All-Fill’s International sales manager.  For those customers that outgrow their semi-automatic purchase, All-Fill is always aggressive with trade in options towards automatic machinery- we really take pride in seeing our customers grow and expand their business so there is a huge incentive for us to encourage and promote growth.”

Inline automatic filling machines typically increase production rates between 3 and 5 times that of a semi-automatic filler.  Inline systems include the model SHA-600, DHA-600, TA-600 and other specialty models suited for custom filling operations.  Automatic rotary filling machines can run upwards of 300 containers per minute, and are suited for extremely high volume production runs.  There is a lot more to look after with automatic machinery, but if the production needs warrant the automatic machinery, they are extremely efficient and rewarding for the packager.

As mentioned, All-Fill will be extremely aggressive should a customer outgrow a semi-automatic machine.  In order to discuss the trade in possibilities, please contact your local manufacturers’ representatives or regional All-fill sales person for more information.  All-Fill can be reached at 610-524-7350 or