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Top 3 Reasons Economical Machines Matter

July 26th, 2018

Whatever your product(s) or filling needs may be, All-Fill has many great filling options to suit your application. Circumstances may vary from customer to customer, but you can rest assured that All-Fill has the right machine for you. Because of this, each of All-Fill’s product lines offer economical options. This is a great place to start especially if you are just starting out with filling or weighing products, but is still a great option for companies that have been filling products for a long time. Here are three reasons why our economical machines may be a great option for your filling needs.


Some people think they need these large machines and big product lines to fill their products, but that is not always the case. Why would you need a rotary that can fill 100 containers an hour if you really only need to fill 10 containers a minute? It’s unnecessary especially for smaller companies that might just be starting to package their own product. 

This is why we also offer product testing on our machines to find an application to best suit your needs. It saves you time, and more importantly, it can save you money in the long run.


Sometimes, you just need a simple VF100-e to fill your whole bean or ground coffee, or a B-350e for your powders. Your new machine will also do most of the work, so the need to hire employees to work your product line is lessened. A B-350e stores up to 10 recipes, more than enough for a smaller product line. However, if more is needed the B-600 offers up to 100 recipes, and the B-600 can grow with your product line because the B-600 can be incorporated into an SHA as your production needs grow.


As your production needs grow, an economical machine gives you more flexibility. Where larger and more expensive machines could be more on the rigid side, an economical filler like a B-600 can easily switch between products, how they fill, and the containers they fill into easily. Not only that, but an economical machine leaves a smaller footprint. This is great if your facility is limited on space like a small warehouse, making it easier to move around if needed. As opposed to a larger machine that would require more space and be more difficult to rearrange should your needs change. Also, as mentioned above, as you expand and grow, economical machines can grow with you.


An economical machine is easier to maintain than larger machines. A smaller machine size and fewer parts makes it easier to clean when it gets dirty. If a part needs to be replaced or fixed, it is easier to reach, remove, and replace. You also don’t need a large team to maintain these machines. Typically one or two people can maintain a machine with ease, and the time it takes to maintain economical machines is minimal. Meaning your machine can be back up and running in minutes!

If you are new to the idea of filling equipment, these are just a handful of reasons why economical machines are great options for you to consider. Of course everyone’s needs are different, but these machines are a great place to start filling those needs. If you are interested in an economical machine, feel free to contact us at, by phone 610-524-7350, or our live chat platform via our website.