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December 13th, 2016

Starting a new project can be intimidating especially if you are seeking a more automated solution for your current operation. At All-Fill, we provide our customers with the best possible solution for their applications and as such, we provide a variety of testing options for our customers to utilize.

All-Fill performs all of our testing in our testing lab at our plant in Exton, PA. Testing is essential to all companies and we recognize that companies of all sizes need to verify that their projected output can be met by testing as many variables as possible. We can tell you the results that you will see from our various product offerings that we manufacture.

Product Testing

All-Fill manufactures a variety of filling equipment, checkweighers, and vertical form/fill/seal (VFFS) machines that can handle virtually any application. Product testing will allow us to determine the best machinery for the application by testing your product. Each product will run differently on these machines and a test will determine the best equipment is used and any product concerns are addressed.

As each product has its own characteristics, it is important to send the product that you will run for each product to be evaluated. Testing the product that the machine is intended for will eliminate any product characteristics from a messy fill.

Tooling Testing

Testing the tooling utilized for a product goes hand-in-hand with product testing. The correct tooling is vital to running your machine accurately and at the desired rates. Tooling will change depending on the product, for example, free-flowing and non-free-flowing product will require different sets of tooling. Additional product characteristics will require further accessories for the product such as a dust shroud for dusty products, may be required.

Tooling testing can also help customers decide if rates are more important than accuracy. Dividing heads can be utilized to fill more than one container at once, however, they will decrease the accuracy of the fill. Depending on the customer, this is acceptable but testing this accessory will let customers know the projected fill sizes to expect using this tooling.

Container Testing

Customers send in container samples to verify many characteristics. Depending on the automation of the machine, the opening and size of the container will be critical. Semi-automatic machines will require tooling that fits into the container. Tooling that is larger than the opening of the container will fill outside of the container and create a messy situation.

For automatic solutions, the container size will account for the width of the conveyor and guide rails, especially if there is more than one container size for that machine. In addition to the containers dictating the width of the conveyor, the material of the container can require alternative conveying materials such as belts instead of chains.

Testing is the most efficient way to verify that your machine will meet your needs. There are additional tests that can be performed once the machine is built. All tests are available through your salesperson upon request and will require product and containers to verify the rates, accuracies, and tooling needed to optimize your machine.

For more information about testing, contact your local sales representative or call us (610) 524-7350.