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All-Fill filling machines continue to stand alone as the one and only industry leader, with a focus on future designs and advancing technology.

Vertical Integration: It’s What Makes All-Fill Special

July 18th, 2019

All-Fill was founded in 1969 under the premise that we would be in complete control of the manufacturing process of our auger filling machines. Today, roughly 50 years later, this philosophy still remains true, but with an expanded product line that not only includes auger fillers but also Alpha Checkweighers, Avatar VFFS (vertical form fill seal), and All-Fill’s complete line of linear weighing machines. All-Fill’s identity was formed by being quick to market with a fair price position for the high standard of machinery that we were manufacturing. All-Fill has moved on three occasions over these 50 years, but the vertically integrated business model has always followed the company and its changes.

What is vertical integration, you ask? Vertical Integration basically means that the manufacturing and supply chain for one company is owned by the same company to maximize profits. To put it simply, All-Fill Inc. is a manufacturer of packaging machinery with our own in-house based sales people, we utilize our own in-house engineering services, we have our own in-house machine shop, fabrication shop, and CNC machinery. In addition we also have an in-house assembly team, field service, support staff and crating and shipping. Basically, we handle everything except for the components that we are unable to produce. Of the many different manufacturers in the packaging machinery space, very few still manufacture their own parts, most resort to outsourcing to other companies to buy their parts.

All-Fill’s former Shop Foreman, Boomer Kingsley, explains the value of vertical integration: “In my opinion it is absolutely necessary in the packaging machinery industry. Half of our customers require standard machinery for which we can source parts that we inventory, the other half is completely custom work. We couldn’t satisfy our custom machinery base without being vertically integrated. Pooling our own resources allows us to move machine sales up and down our production schedule based on need and any other circumstance that is beyond our control. It is very rare that I have to call outside of All-Fill to obtain a part that I need.”

All-Fill likes to control the design/build process, and attributes many of its sales to a superb track record of repeat business due to our flexible manufacturing process. It’s not uncommon for All-Fill to turn relatively standard machines into custom built machines for each application in just a few weeks, often two or three times as quick as any competitor. All-Fill’s model B-350e, Alpha Checkweighers EW-8 and PW-12 checkweighers are also prime examples of All-Fill’s in house efficiency in addition to the linear net weigh vibratory E-series such as the VF100-e and the VF200-e.

The machine shop, which includes: manual and CNC machinery, welding, fabrication, machining, grinding and polishing, paint and finishing; serves as home to one of the most talented crews in the industry. Reading a blog about vertical integration at All-Fill does not even come close to telling the entire story. All-Fill encourages all its customers to schedule a visit at any time to better understand our company culture and to view our first-class facility. In fact, a visit to All-Fill often times benefits the end user of the machinery more than anyone. All-Fill will be happy to host FAT’s and factory visits to ensure that we continue to put out the highest level of quality that the industry serves up.

For more information on All-Fill and our machinery, please chat with us online, email us directly via or please also reach out via phone at 610-524-7350.