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Weed Filling: 101

December 18th, 2019

The Concept

With applications that have as much variance in size as cannabis flowers, a machine can only be as successful as the pre-sorting of the buds prior to running the material. Our HT machine requires the operator to separate the buds into two groups, small buds which need to have a maximum specific weight, and large buds. As seen in the picture below, the variation in the product size and shape reflects the weight of each piece, so each piece can vary as much as a gram or more. Our machine includes a partitioned hopper to keep the large and small buds separate, helping acheive higher accuracy in fill weights. The operator needs to load the large buds into the ‘bulk’ portion of the hopper and load small buds into the ‘dribble’ partition of the hopper, helping achieve accurate target weights and a consistent variety of flower sizes from container to container.


What is ‘Bulk’ & ‘Dribble’? 

Once the machine is started, the vibrating pan runs and fills large buds down the bulk pan to a specified weight in the weigh bucket. Once this weight is achieved the bulk pan shuts off and the dribble pan runs the smaller buds till the final weight is reached in the weigh bucket and the product is dispensed. The photo below is showing a 2 lane configuration, but these machines can accomodate up to 6 lanes, which leads to a higher volume of fills per minute.


How does it all work?


The difference between scale accuracy and product accuracy is related to the material being filled vs. the scale with no product. If we were to take known weights and place them on the scale it would accurately read the weight placed on the scale (i.e .5g, 1g. 20g). This is known as Scale Accuracy. You will also hear reference to scale resolution, this means to what degree do you read the weight, the chart below lists some examples of scale resolution and how they affect the readings.

How does this relate to Product Accuracy?

The Scale will accurately read any material dropped into it, however if the product being dropped into it is not consistent the product accuracy or deviation from the target weight will be directly related to the next piece being weighed. In the case of Cannabis/CBD/Hemp the Flower/Nug/Bud can have a variance of 1.5g or more. So, if our target weight is 3.5g and we currently are reading 3.49g in our scale bucket, the next piece what ever it weighs will put us over the target weight by the weight of that piece. The chart below list 4 examples with a standard +/- 5% allowable range all reading a current scale weight of 3.280, you can see the range of different end weights that is solely based on the next bud being weighed.


The single source solution for your cannabis needs.

Filling • Checkweighing • Bagging • Bottle Unscrambling • Labeling

With our proven filling and checkweighing equipment, and the addition of unscrambling and labeling capabilities, we are the single source for your cannabis filling and packaging needs. Our engineers and test lab will advise you on the right application and provide you with approximate rates per minute based on your product and container.

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