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Why a Checkweigher Is a Good Idea For Your Packaging Line

January 14th, 2019

In the early 1990’s, All-Fill made an investment into developing a checkweigher to perfectly complement our complete line of filling machines notably auger fillers, liquid fillers, bag filling machines, and cascading weigh fillers.  The checkweigher gave the end user of the machinery a virtual guarantee that they were not over-packing as well as assurance to the consumer that the label weight was in fact accurate. Essentially, a checkweigher is a form of quality control. The checkweigher allowed All-Fill to get into markets that we never had experience with in the past while also continuing to penetrate the markets that used our filling machines. Early development projects quickly gave birth to the brand that is now well known throughout the industry, Alpha Checkweighers.

With every automatic filling machine that is sold, a checkweigher is an option that the end user should consider. Of course, All-Fill filling machines are reliable, very accurate and always come with our guaranteed accuracy statement in each quotation, but a checkweigher is ideal for environmental changes and abnormalities that are often seen in packaging facilities. Imagine standing on a bathroom scale that is static weighing, technology that is widely available to the masses. Now, imagine running across your

bathroom scale as fast as you can, that is dynamic weighing and exactly what a checkweigher does. A checkweigher typically has an in-feed conveyor belt that can move packages, pouches, boxes, bottles and jars at varying rates of speed. Placed downstream from the in-feed conveyor is the weighing conveyor. The weighing conveyor does exactly what the name describes. A load cell or scale is mounted beneath the weighing conveyor and it determines, dynamically of course, the weight of the object moving across it. Next to the weighing conveyor is an out-feed conveyor that moves the object towards the next auxiliary piece of the packaging line. Depending on the stability of each object that the end user wants to checkweigh or the rate of speed that they need to check weigh at, conveyor speeds are often manipulated to best handle each individual application. 

A checkweigher should always be considered when quality or weight matters. Without a checkweigher on your packaging line, you are at risk of cheating yourself and most importantly your valued customers. For all checkweigher related questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 610-524-7350 or email our Alpha Checkweighers Division Manager, Brian Jones, at We look forward to hearing about your next packaging application.