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February 25th, 2016

After purchasing a machine, many customers prefer to visit our plant for an FAT. A Factory Acceptance Test, or an FAT, gives the customer a chance to check out, learn about, and see their machine in action before they receive it at their plant. Although FATs are usually only required for large machines or systems, however we welcome customers to come in for an FAT on even our most basic machines. FATs can be performed not only on our auger fillers, but also on our checkweighers and VFFS baggers.

Let’s go over a few benefits as to why a customer may want to come into All-Fill to perform an FAT. First off, we like to prove that the machine we hand-made specifically for a given customer can do everything our salesman promised. This usually entails showing the customer that their machine matches up with the approval drawing, can achieve the quoted accuracy, and has the ability to meet the rate (or cpm) promised in the quote. By performing a quick sample run, the customer is able to see firsthand that their machine is able to perform to the standards they expect. Another reason we suggest coming into All-Fill for an FAT is to determine if any changes will have to be made to the machine. During the FAT if we establish changes must be made, it is much more efficient for us to do so in-house as opposed to in the customer’s plant after they receive the machine. An FAT is also a great opportunity for a customer to learn about their machine before it reaches their plant. Some customers even bring in their employees who will be operating the machine at their plant. This way we can directly train the person who will be working hands on with the machine day to day. During a training session the customer will learn how to operate their machine, how to maintain or clean their machine, and how to change over from one size container to the next (if applicable). So how does one go about setting up an FAT?

We try to make setting up an FAT as easy as possible for the customer, and do our best to work around their schedule. Although some customers are located right around the corner from our plant in Exton, PA, most customers travel great distances to come in for an FAT. Once the machine is completed, we request bulk containers and product so that we can test the machine prior to the customer’s arrival. This way our QC department will have the opportunity to ensure the machine is working correctly and is ready for the FAT.

If an FAT sounds like something you may be interested in or for more infomation, contact your local sales person to begin scheduling at (610) 524-7350. The best part about an FAT is it is free, so use it to your advantage!