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Model DHAS-SV Automatic Dual Head/Dual Servomotor Fill-To-Weight System dispenses powder in multiple size and weight containers at high speeds and high accuracy levels. Product weight filled to accuracies of +/- .1 to .5% of gross target weight. Automatic container tare weight/final weight calculations ensure an accurate fill. Feedback is automatically sent from the scale to the appropriate filling head to adjust auger revolutions for the next fill. Unique Servomotor driven cleated conveyor system allows accurate movement of empty and full containers throughout the system without container contact with the cleats during container weighing.

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  • Container lifting and correct positioning under each filling nozzle are automatically verified and confirmed by the system.
  • A reject station will remove any container whose weight is out of the specified limits.
  • A blow-off tunnel will eliminate any dust or debris that accumulates on the containers.
  • PLC based control system monitors, tests and calibrates the appropriate components on the system.
  • Short term and long term statistics are automatically kept in the system for tracking purposes, including tare weight, number of over-weights, number of under-weights, number of accepted weights, standard deviation, and the number of grams per revolution of the last fill.
  • A user-friendly operator interface with various screens allows for easy access, testing and operation of the system.

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