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Labeling Heads & Applicators


Series 3

The Series 3 Labeling Head is our most versatile applicator. It is designed to function as part of a labeling system or to be used as a stand alone device. The small size allows us to mount the applicator in spaces that would normally not accept labeling equipment such as under conveyors and inside enclosures. The Series 3 is available with different drive packages and a variety of options

Series 6

This is a versatile Printer / Applicator that will integrate with all major brands of print engines. The applicator is operated by a PLC. With a simple program change, the labeler may either print labels on demand or in batch mode. The labeling head may be configured for a wide variety of applications. These configurations include tamp apply, blown-on, tamp/blow, swing tamp, multi panel tamp, and our unique cage style application device allowing long narrow labels to be applied directly to the side of a product. A complete compliment of options is available to include an alarm package, and detection devices

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