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February 14th, 2014

In order to best maintain packaging machinery, All-Fill encourages all customers to enroll in bi-annual or annual field service contracts.  Taking a proactive approach to servicing your machinery is likely to reduce the risk of costly downtime in the future.  All-Fill employs seven, full-time field service technicians and also lends engineers and assemblers to our customer base during times of unusually high field service activity.  Although we try to respond to all machine issues as soon as possible, we cannot guarantee that our availability will perfectly match your schedule.

Located in Exton, PA (40 miles west of Philadelphia), it is often a challenge to reach the Northwest, West Coast, Upper Midwest, Plains, South and Deep South immediately.  All-Fill is currently looking for qualified technicians to directly service our machinery for each US region but, for now, all technicians are dispatched from the home office. 

By engaging in service contracts, customers can immediately save on hourly travel and service rates, and can get even further discounts if All-Fill can combine several field service visits into one trip.  Essentially, each customer splits the primary hard costs such as airfare, hotels, meals etc.  In some cases, with enough local businesses, All-fill will even consider waving travel costs.   

Service contracts guarantee that a qualified All-Fill service technician can quickly identify major issues in regard to machine programming, mechanical set-up, or simply recommend better practices.  Often times, customers limp along and get used to accepting the performance of the machinery rather than demanding the best possible output.  All-Fill is confident that using best practices will make your machinery most efficient, thus justifying the service contract expense immediately.

All customers are encouraged to contact their local sales representative or your in house All-Fill sales person for more information on field service contracts.  In order to contact the field service department directly, please reach out to Mr. Millet George. 610-524-7350.

All technicians are able to service each All-Fill brand name: All-Fill filling machines (auger fillers, vibratory fillers, and volumetric cup fillers), Alpha Checkweighers and Avatar VFFS machinery.