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Auger Fabrication

Our sister company, Auger Fabrication, specializes in supplying new and replacement augers, conveyor screws, feeder screws, and flighting for powder and bulk solids material handling equipment.

    4102 Edges Mill Road, Downingtown, PA 19335

Executive Vice President
Eric Edginton

Phone:  (610) 524-3350           Fax: (610) 363-2821
Email:   Website:



Auger Fabrication designs and fabricates a wide variety of augers, tooling, accessories, replacement parts, and custom solutions to meter products effectively into bottles, containers, and bags. Their best customer is All-Fill, however, Auger Fabrication products are offered to all major manufacturers and many different industries with the most popular industry being packaging. Over the past year, Auger Fabrication with the help of All-Fill Inc. has taken its operations to the next level. Their new building says it all. The 35,000 square foot facility took a complete turnaround from the old layout. In 2019, All-Fill Inc. acquired Palace Packaging of Downingtown, PA and their fine line of bottle unscramblers. As the engineering and sales personnel joined the team in Exton, PA, we began to renovate the facility right off of Route 30. Having the ability to uplift this prime location, let us expand our production in supplying premium augers and spare parts with the shortest lead times in the filling machine industry. This new facility is also beneficial to the Downingtown area by bringing life to a building that has stood tall for many years.



This growth will allow us to continue to specialize in designing, manufacturing, and fabricating our products to ensure timely deliveries and the absolute highest quality in the industry. Auger Fabrication is determined to help you find the proper auger tooling you need for your equipment. We continue to supply premium augers and spare parts with the shortest lead times in the filling machine industry. We offer our services to all major filling machine manufacturers including; All-Fill, AMS, Mateer-Burt, Bartelt, Spee-Dee, Per-Fil, Image, Nalbach, Paxiom, and many others.

The common goal of both All-Fill and Auger Fabrication is to ensure that we can handle any filling application that is presented to us. Auger Fabrication offers complimentary product testing to find the perfect solution for your product handling needs. If you have an auger filler or an application that is straightforward or custom in any way, Auger Fabrication can design and manufacture the tooling you need to maximize your auger filler’s performance. For more information about auger filler tooling and accessories, please visit If you would like to speak with a sales representative directly, please call 610-524-3350.