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About Us

About Us

All-Fill Inc. headquarters is located just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We design, manufacture, service and support a complete line of machinery for filling, bagging, checkweighing, labeling, bottle unscrambling, and capping equipment.

Founded in 1969, All-Fill’s initial offering was an economical, highly reliable auger filler for powder filling and liquid filling that featured a simplified, “no-nonsense” design that could accurately dispense product with a minimum of setup, maintenance, or operator intervention. From its founding in Newtown Square, PA (1969), it has expanded, first to a 25,000 square foot facility in Malvern, PA (1977), then to its present 65,000 square foot facility in Exton, PA (1989).


All-Fill takes great pride in manufacturing from start to finish to ensure the customer that we have complete control over our internal processes. Proudly manufactured in the USA, All-Fill’s business model is firmly established between our distinct product lines that can be sold individually or fully integrated as a complete packaging solution.

Our packaging equipment company is nonexistent without the extraordinary group of employees that have called All-Fill home for many years. Family-owned and operated since 1969, a vast majority of All-Fill employees were originally hired as family members, friends, past coworkers or based upon referrals from existing employees. The work environment at All-Fill is truly unique. Please feel free to reach out to any individual listed below as they are sure to make your experience with All-Fill a positive one.


Why Choose Our Packaging Machinery Company

All-Fill Inc. and our family of fine products take great pride in creating a workplace environment that is focused on the well-being and careers of our most important asset, our employees, as well as being inviting and friendly to all visitors. Our extensive product line is designed and manufactured using the finest raw materials and components available, with ease of operator use and safety always in mind.

Following all applicable laws, standards, guidelines, and directives is a company-wide imperative. The All-Fill family, including Auger Fabrication, Alpha Checkweighers, and Avatar VFFS continuously strives to improve our performance by pushing the boundaries of industry standards with the ultimate goal of surpassing our own established levels of excellence in the field of packaging machinery.

In an attempt to create an environmentally conscious workplace, All-Fill established a “green initiative” in 2010.  The installation of a 197.1 kW roof-based solar panel system provides All-Fill with an estimated 41% of its annual electrical usage. Furthermore, high-efficiency electric hand dryers eliminate the need for paper hand towels at wash stations; and the installation of high output, high efficiency T5 and T8 lighting fixtures/bulbs throughout the entire building show a commitment to preserving planet earth for future generations of employees and customers alike.