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Cosmetics & Beauty Products Packaging Machines

Cosmetics & Beauty Products Packaging Machines

We stock auger and piston filling machines for all your cosmetic packaging needs. We have solutions for containers of all shapes and sizes and products of varying viscosities.

Cosmetic packaging needs can vary widely so we offer several packaging solutions for liquids, pastes, and powders. We’ll supply the perfect cosmetic equipment for your needs whether that’s a piston or auger machine. You can get a high-quality cosmetic filling machine to fill jars, sachets, nail polish bottles, makeup kits or any other container. Since the cosmetics industry changes rapidly, we work hard to create cosmetic equipment which can accommodate containers of various shapes and sizes. They can also handle products with varying levels of viscosity. No matter what the consistency of your product is, we’ll find the right solution for you.

  • powders
  • creams
  • pastes
  • labeling
  • lotions
  • face mask powders
  • weighing
  • body scrubs
  • shampoos
  • nail polish
  • shea butter

Watch videos of our cosmetic product packaging solutions here