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Does All-Fill offer any financing or leasing plans for new machinery purchases?

This is a great question! Often times customers feel like our products are priced out of their budget, but don't worry as there are options for you! Leasing and financing in most cases is a better option then paying cash out of pocket or utilizing valuable bank credit lines. All-Fill highly recommends the services of Univest Capital Inc.

Although not directly associated, All-Fill relies on Univest Capital to provide our customers with timely, convenient, and competitive financing options. If you would like to learn more about lease/finance options, please contact Greg Oschell at (484)913-1592 or email Greg is committed to providing you with unrivaled service and support!

I am about to purchase an auger filling machine from All-Fill, can you explain to me how it will be delivered?

Of course Tim and thanks for inquiring. All machines are fully crated. Machine crates do vary by height, width and weight. Depending on the type of machine that you are going to purchase, consult with your All-Fill primary contact and they will get into the details of the crate dimension you can expect. As a general rule, if you are going to purchase an auger filler from All-Fill or a Form Fill and Seal machine from Avatar, it is highly recommended that you have access to a forklift. In some cases, Alpha Checkweighers do not require a forklift. In addition, please make sure you let All-Fill know about any building restrictions that you have at your facility. Most times we can ship the machinery in a manner that will easily accept your building constraints. By calling our receptionist at 610-524-7350 she will be able to connect you to Rick Brennecke, AFI Operations Manager, who handles all logistical concerns.

I have an All-Fill auger filler, it works great for my rice filling into large containers but now I need to run ground coffee into the same container. Will I have success? If not, what do I need to do to run ground coffee on my machine?

Harold, I am the lab technician here at All-Fill. I test and evaluate products all day long in our state of the art testing laboratory. The short answer to your question is “maybe,” however I want to see your ground coffee in order to confirm. Sometimes the tooling that is provided to accurately meter one product does in fact work for another, but most of the time a tooling change is required. In order to run accurately, without product damage and at the desired rate it is necessary to swap out the auger, the funnel or both. We offer free lab testing so please don’t make any assumptions. Send me your product, your containers and I will send you a lab report full of valuable information to help make your life easier. Remember, don’t just try to figure it out yourself, be safe and ask us- we are the filling experts!

I am sorry to be ignorant, but I am confused! How many of your companies are located in Exton, PA and what exactly does Auger Fabrication do?

We receive this question quite a bit and I understand how it can be confusing, that one is on us Bill. To try to keep it simple...Everything and I mean everything is all done under one roof here at 418 Creamery Way, Exton, PA. Auger Fabrication is a separate company from All-Fill and its trade names Alpha Checkweighers and Avatar VFFS. All-Fill, Alpha and Avatar are manufacturers of packaging machinery. All-Fill manufactures filling machines; Alpha manufactures inspection equipment like a checkweighers and lastly Avatar manufactures automatic bag making machines. All-Fill is the parent name and company and the trade names simply give each brand its own recognition.

Auger Fabrication is not a manufacturer of machinery, but is a global manufacturer of spare parts and accessories to serve the entire filling industry. I hope this helps, call me at 484-875-3401 and I will be happy to explain further!

Hello, can I please get a machine quote?

I am sorry Nigel, we cannot quote you machinery if you are based in any European country. Don’t worry though, I will gladly refer you to our sister company All-Fill Ltd. Based in Sandy, England- UK. Together with All-Fill Ltd. we combine to offer a global presence to our customers. AFI Ltd. Can be contacted at or +44(0) 1767 691100.