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July 27th, 2015

Alpha Checkweighers has always been weigh ahead of the pack when it comes to providing quality control equipment that meets the size and weight parameters of a company’s application, but how user friendly is our line of checkweighers to operate?  While the intricacies of what goes into building a checkweigher may lead one to believe they would be complicated to manage, at Alpha we have proven this to be the complete opposite.  By custom tailoring each individual checkweigher to a customer’s wants and needs, Alpha takes care of all the technological details behind the scenes, such as creating our own in house boards, leaving an effortless operational interface for our consumers to use to their advantage.

The full color, touch screen HMI makes seeing the statistics displayed from a customer’s product run easy, and makes operating the checkweigher even easier.  When powered on, the checkweigher presents a traffic light style display with five sub menus that allow the user to seamlessly navigate statistics, testing, and the checkweigher setup among other things.  The menus do all the work for the customer and guide them along whichever action they need completed when operating our checkweigher.

With up to 300 programmable recipes, a customer will virtually never run out options when it comes to weighing a variety of application parameters.  To set up one of these recipes is straightforward and takes no more than a minute.  Our quick setup feature allows the user to enter the name of their product along with a few other key product details, and after a few passes of the product on the checkweigher, the auto-dynamic calibration process is completed and the machine is ready to run. After completing this procedure one time for a particular product, unless any of the application details change, the recipe is stored on the checkweigher forever.

Once the product is set up and is ready to run, simply hit start and run mode has engaged on the checkweigher.  As the product runs across the line, the operator can enter the “stats” sub menu to gauge both how our checkweigher is performing and how consistent their product is in weight.  Alpha provides a multitude of HMI layouts to give our customers a choice of how they want their data displayed, including data such as the products standard deviation, average weight, last 25 weights, min and max weight, etc.  No one display arrangement of both displaying and gathering statistics fits every customer’s preference, Alpha has recognized this and has given our customers a variety of options to choose from.

Transferring these statistics onto a computer and converting the data into an excel spreadsheet has never been easier than with our new data collection to USB option.  Simply insert the USB stick into the designated port and choose the range of dates from which to collect the data from.  The customer can choose a single day, or weeks at a time to be stored. Once collected, using a PC or laptop computer, the customer can easily view and print vital statistics and the trends of their product runs.

Our checkweighers are “Plug and Play” as there is virtually no work to be done once the customer receives their order and is ready to use our machine.  We have taken any guess work out of the process to allow the customer to seamlessly insert our equipment into their line without interruption.  The combined exceptional performance and user friendliness of an Alpha checkweigher has undoubtedly made us the go to brand when it comes to a customer’s standard or custom checkweighing needs.