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January 28th, 2014

An Auger Filler uses a vertical screw to dispense powders and granular into various containers. Although it is an accurate means of dispensing your product, it is not your only option available.

The Volumetric Cup filler can dispense various free flow granular products like rice; salt; beans; popcorn; and even pet food. The filler’s simplistic design allows your product to flow from a holding hopper into a volume cup. Once filled, the volume cup is rotated around and gently leveled off before being discharged into your container of choice.  The Volumetric Cup fill size can be changed either by a hand crank or motor; each cup set has a 40% volume adjustment and consists of three pieces. With dispense rates of up to 120 per minute (continuous motion), the Volumetric Cup filler offers a great solution for any free flowing product – its gentle handling of product and rate of fill capability is just one of the reasons people prefer this option over the Auger filler.

The volumetric cup filler can be used as a standalone unit or mounted on a vertical form fill and seal machine, like those manufactured by All-Fill under the trade name Avatar VFFS.  When used in conjunction with an Avatar bag machine, the cup filler will automatically speed up or slow down to accommodate the Avatar’s speed, this combined with a motorized cup adjustment makes the Volumetric Cup filler an excellent solution for filling free flow products into pillow style pouches at high speeds. Soup mix and oatmeal are just a few examples of products that run well on these systems.

Cup volume sizes can vary greatly from .25 in³ (4ml) to 300 in³ (4916ml).  There are a multitude of different options that include multi-dump, dual discharge and servo drive ability. 

In closing, don’t forget about the volumetric cup filler, it may be your best option for your free flowing applications!  Please inquire with Mr. Buddy Pennisi with any cup filler or vibratory filler needs, he will be happy to accommodate your request.