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July 11th, 2018

A vast majority of the time, packaging applications dictate the type of filling machine that is needed to properly handle the project. However, sometimes the machinery is chosen by supplier or end user based on preference.  As is the case with the auger filler and cup filler, some products can easily run on both fillers while other products are certainly better suited for an auger filler versus a cup fill or vice versa.

The cup filler is often times overlooked in favor of an auger filler. The general rule of thumb for a cup filler is that the product needs to be free flowing, granular and consistently shaped. Products like coffee beans, rice, kidney beans, sprinkles (jimmies), some hard candies, etc. are perfect for filling with a cup filler. Of course, some of those products would be great for an auger filler; however the products previously mentioned can be filled faster and often times more accurate with a cup filler.


If rate of fill is your main priority, look no further than the cup filler.  The cup filler can cycle faster than an auger filler and the product exits quicker into the container. Typically, All-Fill attempts to achieve an accuracy of 1-2% on most cup filling applications. Keep in mind this is volumetric filling that we are talking about! For a good free-flowing, never dusty product, OEM partners and Avatar VFFS alike love the cup filler as a filling head. “Using a cup filler on top of a VFFS (vertical form fill seal) is a no brainer for good free-flowing, relatively dense products such a beans and nuts,” says Kris Kohn, OEM Sales Manager at All-Fill. “If you are after rate, an All-Fill cup filler is perfect for high speed bagging applications.”

Even though auger fillers and cup fillers can run shared products, the auger filler can run a wider range of products, and will perform relatively well in comparison to the cup filler. If the product has any non-free-flowing characteristics or if it is dusty at all, the auger filler is absolutely the way to go. Of course All-Fill always offers free lab testing so that you can best decide which machine is most appropriate for your job.

The cup filler can be sold as a stand alone semi-automatic unit, on top of a vertical/horizontal bagger or pouch machine, and also sold as part of an inline or automatic rotary system. The cup fillers are made as a standard part of the All-Fill product line and also are completely customizable to meet your needs.

For more information about cup fillers and All-Fill’s complete product line, please visit, or contact a sales representative via email or our online chat platform.