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September 17th, 2014

All-Fill Inc. and Auger Fabrication always offer free product testing and sample evaluations; it is highly encouraged that our customers take advantage of this service.  The free evaluation benefits both parties and ensures that the machinery that is delivered handles every aspect of the application.

A recent customer purchased a model SHA-600 auger filling machine and sent in some samples and some containers.  The samples that were received were not the most often filled containers for this company and represented about 20% of their packaging needs.  The remaining 80% of their production was not sent to All-Fill for testing.  When this particular customer received their machine, it was not capable of handling their major production runs, only the lesser quantity, less important runs.  This turned out to be a very costly mistake for a customer that was stuck on a production deadline.

All-Fill guarantees that all products that are tested in our lab will perform in accordance to the quoted application specifications.  For those samples that are not received, we cannot make a guarantee on performance.  It is in both the customers favor and All-Fill’s if sample are tested and performance guarantees are made.  “Providing product samples and containers is critical for all filling, checkweighing and bagging applications is absolutely critical,” says Kyle Edginton; Vice President.  Kyle Edginton adds, “We always prefer to feel comfortable with the complete scope of the application prior to taking on any job, but more importantly, it is more important for the customer to feel confident that they have purchased the correct machinery from All-Fill.

Sample testing is not just related to All-Fill filling machines.  Avatar VFFS always request samples no matter what type of fill head is on to of the vertoical form fill seal machine.  In advance of the sales, the Avatar team always wants to know what type of bag the customer intends to use and what style of bag the want to form.  Alpha Checkweighers wants to see your container in its filled state to ensure that dynamic weighing is possible.  All-Fill’s state of the art test lab has the ability to do just about any test, and if an exact test cannot be carried out in the lab, we often look to find a way to test using machinery that is on the floor.

If you are interested in sending in samples for testing, please contact your local manufacturers representative or direct All-Fill sales person for more information.  All-Fill can be reached at 610-524-7350 or