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All-Fill filling machines continue to stand alone as the one and only industry leader, with a focus on future designs and advancing technology.


December 5th, 2013

All companies pride themselves on offering the highest quality products to their customers, these days especially with the ever present Social Media and online reviews. At Alpha Checkweighers, we have a solution to insure your products reach your customers with the highest quality. Checkweighing is the final Quality Control check to insure your product, whether it is food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, printed material, cosmetics, molded plastic, etc.; is what you claim it to be.

Should your company be faced with the tall task of installing an automatic inspection  machine such as checkweighers or metal detectors due to contract mandates or a Weights and Measures violation please consider Alpha Checkweighers as a partner to “Fill”  this void. At Alpha Checkweighers we have created a template for end users and OEM partners alike as they seek to implement the market’s highest quality checkweighing systems.

Contact Alpha Checkweighers with any questions you may have, and we will put you in touch with a regional salesperson immediately and he will be your point of contact from the start of the project and beyond.

  • Identify each package or container that you would like to have checkweighed, and provide weights, dimensions, rates, etc. that is associated to each product. 
  • Alpha always provides 100% free laboratory testing,  so it is encouraged that you send in every product and sample package to Alpha. 

Information critical to a successful checkweigher installation, oddly enough, is how the product will be arriving to and exiting the Alpha Checkweigher. Spacing is extremely important in allowing the scale to weigh one product at a time. Alpha, more than any of its competitors, is equipped to handle even the most difficult containers. This expertise comes from the fact that we are a division of All-Fill Inc., and we are constantly integrating our checkweighers to our fillers. Picture a small 1.5” diameter spice bottle with oregano or parsley flakes running at speeds in excess of 250/minute.  A potentially scary scenario – as this bottle could easily tip over at the blink of an eye. By utilizing side belts or timing screws, Alpha will install the proper container handling mechanisms to get the job done right.

Another benefit to using Alpha, especially in conjunction with a filling machine, is our incomparable knowledge of checkweighing feedback. Our Alpha Systems are all capable of analyzing weight trends and should a specific target weight slip above or below its target weight, the checkweigher send a signal to the filler to adjust up or down for correction. This feature will not only guarantee on target package weights, but it can save you thousands of dollars by minimizing product giveaway.

Finally, and probably the most important reason to use Alpha Checkweighers, is our Data Acquisition Software. Now more than ever Quality Control and Quality Assurance Departments are demanding records and documented results that provide insurance should you be faced with a weight violation or re-call. By storing all statistics in a database on your server, past batch runs can be reviewed to see if and when rejects were discovered.

Why Alpha?  Alpha has more to offer

At Alpha, we consider every aspect of your application.  When each project that comes to us, we first address the customer’s major areas of concern and what their expectations are.  If the application requires extensive engineering, R&D or a unique, innovative design, Alpha is the obvious choice.  If the project is under a strict deadline, or needs to be expedited, or if flexible terms are required, Alpha has the ability to handle of most every scenario. Making our customers happy for over 45 years, Alpha looks forward to satisfying you as well.