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The High Precision checkweigher is capable of handling packages up to 8 lbs at a speed of 300 containers per minute. Due to use of an electromagnetic force restoration load cell, that comes standard with the HP/14, some applications can achieve accuracies of ± 100mg. Easily integrated with any filler, bagger, and metal detector, an All-Fill Checkweigher is the strategic packaging solution to avoid product waste and increase efficiencies. 

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  • Construction:  Stainless steel and anodized aluminum (standard) 
  • Direction of Travel: Left to right or right to left
  • Conveyor Belts: (All Variable Speed)Up to 12” wide and up to 24” long
  • Weight Indicator:  3 light tower (standard), 5 light tower (optional), Others
  • Controls: Standard 10” touch screen HMI with embedded controller 100 program memory
  • Control Mounting: Rear-mounted control box (standard) Front-mounted, pedestal, and rotated 180° (optional)
  • Data Output:    RS-232, ethernet, or USB
  • Reject Devices:     Air blast, bopper, pusher, signal (only), swing gate, or special reject devices available 
  • Reject Location: Outfeed conveyor or remote
  • Reject Direction: Front, rear, or special
  • Electrical Requirements: 110V single phase, 60 hz
  • Pneumatic Requirements:    80 psi/4 scfm
  • Options:   Special Construction; explosion-proof, wash down, and more, Container transfer: roller or dead plate or timing screw, Guide Rails
  • Feedback:  Contact closure, digital, single/dual head filler, or custom