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All-Fill filling machines continue to stand alone as the one and only industry leader, with a focus on future designs and advancing technology.


December 22nd, 2015

All-Fill Inc. continues to make great advances in the specialized field of auger filling technology.  A vast majority of All-Fill customers bring forth custom filling applications that we can handle with ease.  Recently, a distributor of both free flow and non-free flow agriculture products had a need to fill both bottles and bags, volumetrically and by weight.  In most circumstances All-Fill would have provided two machines, one for bags and one for bottles however this machine was unique because the packaging facility only had one product infeed location.  Because of this, the machine design had to be customized in order to fit both packaging challenges.  In addition, the bags and the bottles had to be filled by weight using the highest quality static load cells (scales).

In one machine, All-Fill was able to design filler that could index bottles via a conveyor and pneumatic cycling of an air cylinder as well as utilize a bag clamp assembly to hold the pre-made bags in place prior to filling.

This design gave the distributor a lot of options and features to use on a relatively small footprint.  In order to accommodate both bags and bottles, the filling machine also had customized software depending on which mode the user was utilizing.  By using an HMI/PLC that would house both programs, the user could easily switch fill modes.  In order to account for safety, All-Fill made it mandatory to guard the enclosure with doors as well as require acknowledgement from an operator for all semi-automatic operations.

In order to fill bags on top of the conveyor used for bottles, All-Fill was able to adapt a scale standoff/mount that would connect directly to the scale which is completely independent of the filler and frame.  The design of this machine was requested by the customer as their needs were very unique, with that being said, All-Fill was up to the task and has provided a machine that has multiple uses and many features not too commonly found within a single footprint.

For more information on All-Fill machinery both customer and from our standard product offering, please visit or speak directly with a sales representative at 610-620-5152.