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Model H


Typically sold in pair with unscrambling machines, All-Fill offers a variety of hopper sizes to suit your production needs. Solid construction ensures rugged, long lasting performance.

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  • Size Requirements
    Suitable for containers up to 8" wide and 15" tall
  • Production Rates
    Speeds up to 200 per minute
  • Tool Size Changeover
    Tool-less changeover, reference scales standard
  • Sizes
    4 cu. ft., 6 cu. ft., 15 cu. ft., 30 cu. ft., 50 cu. ft., 75 cu. ft., 100 cu. ft.
  • Controls
    PLC with color touchscreen standard, discharge backlog sensor
  • Electrical Requirements
    110 volt, Single Phase, 60 hertz or 220volt, Single Phase, 60 hertz
  • Pneumatic Requirements
    80-90 PSI
  • Construction
    Stainless steel bin and elevator bed, durable plastic elevator belt
  • Options
    AC & DC drives standard on most models. Ionized air rinse. Casters for portability. Stack light. Dust cover packages. Bin low level sensor.

All dimensions and specifications are subject to change without notice. Consult your sales representative or email us at for exact information prior to purchase.

Common Applications

  • Deodorant Sticks

  • Cosmetic Jars

  • F-Style Bottles

  • Shampoo Bottles

  • Small Spray Bottles

  • Square Bottles

  • Oval Bottles

  • Dish Soap Bottles

  • Spray Bottles

  • Squeeze Bottles

  • Toilet Cleaning Bottles

  • Round Bottles

  • Contoured Bottles

  • Lip & Eye Liner Bottles

  • Pill Bottles

  • Hand Pump Containers

  • Specimen Containers

  • Drink Containers

  • Detergent Containers

  • Moisturizer Containers

  • Tall Containers

  • Handled Containers

  • Eye Drop Containers

  • Liquid Drop Containers

  • Spice Containers

  • Nutraceutical Containers