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All-Fill’s Model DHA automatic auger filler is a complete, economical solution to your filling production requirements. It consists of the industry-proven All Fill filling heads, conveyor mounted on a sturdy frame, and container indexing controls that reliably move and position for filling. This auger filler also includes an Allen Bradley PLC control system with a touchscreen that provides precise selection and adjustment of fill amounts and machine functioning. Providing easy setup, operation, and monitoring of the filling operation.

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  • Construction
    Painted aluminum base. Anodized aluminum. Stainless steel contact parts. Sturdy tubular steel frame to support filling head and conveyor. Includes mechanical jack to raise/lower fill head. Aluminum head castings with one-piece stainless steel covers. Heavy-duty clutch-brakes or servo direct drives.
  • Production Rates
    Speeds ranging up to 180 CPM, application dependent
  • Control Features
    7" color touchscreen HMI. A speed adjustable belt drive and continuously-operating fill motor provides the torque and high cycle rates necessary for production filling. Product level control. Slow speed agitation. Motor starters and transformer. Adjustable frequency vibration to settle product in container. Accepts standard All-Fill accessories. In line All-Fill Checkweigher with feedback to filling heads for instantaneous adjustment of filled amounts. Adjustable guide rails. Variable speed.
  • Storage
    100 product memory
  • Hopper Capacity
    16 gal. hoppers with dustproof cover and 6" infeed duct
  • Conveyor
    Standard 10 ft. stainless steel conveyor channel with dual-strand stainless steel block conveyor chain or plastic tabletop conveyor. Adjustable guide rails and variable speed conveyor drive. Pneumatic container indexing with round end, cone point, wedge stop, or pressure stop adjustable indexing pins, additional lengths are available
  • Electrical Requirements
    Fill Motor Input: 208/230/460V; 3-Phase; 60HZ. Standard Controls: 115V 50-60 HZ. Other ratings available upon request.
  • Pneumatic Requirements
    4 SCFM @ 60 PSI
  • Changeovers
    Mostly tool-less
  • Options
    Adjustable speed. Jogging container vibrator to settle and distribute product in container. Pneumatic or servo container lift to raise/lower container to funnel. Container lift for bottom-up filling. Product level control. Lift and hold quick drop features. Adjustable stroke to 7". Product Level control. Production counter.

All dimensions and specifications are subject to change without notice. Consult your sales representative or email us at for exact information prior to purchase.

Common Applications

  • Fertilizer Pellets

  • Toner Powder

  • Cat Litter

  • Small Pet Food

  • Whole & Ground Coffee

  • Sugar

  • Jimmies & Sprinkles

  • Plant Foods

  • Food Powders

  • Plastic Granules

  • Ground Spices

  • Flake Spices

  • Fine Cut Tobacco

  • Flour Powder

  • Whole & Ground Pepper

  • Detergent Powder

  • Infant Formula

  • Cake Mix

  • Pancake Mix

  • Cement Powder

  • Cocoa Powder

  • Matcha Powder

  • Cosmetic Powder

  • Curry Powder

  • Protein Powders

  • Turmeric Powder

  • Parsley & Oregano

  • Grains

  • Seeds

  • Chia Seeds

  • Grass & Fennel Seeds

  • Salt Products

  • Rice Products

  • Lentils

  • Breadcrumb

  • Brown Sugar