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Each unit is designed exactly to your requirements. Our filling application specifies each Model TA Unit. Center distance between the 2 augers can range from as little as 2″ to well over 6″. Forming tube diameter, funnel length, and height will match your specific equipment. Tooling and accessories, such as augers, collector funnels, cutoffs, etc., are supplied to best suit your product, production rates, and accuracy levels.

All-Fill Model TA Twin Auger Fillers are designed for high speed/high volume dispensing typically encountered in vertical form-fill-seal, cup filling, or other applications requiring dual position filling.

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  • Dual motor and drive assemblies and a high capacity, stainless steel product hopper mounted on a variable length column with either a floor base, or a 10″ dia.
  • Round base for direct mounting on other equipment (e.g., form-fill-seal machines).
  • Two heavy-duty, electromagnetic clutch/brakes start and stop each auger independently, according to the desired number of fill revolutions or the total filling time required.
  • A speed adjustable belt drive and continuously-operating fill motor provides the torque and high cycle rates necessary for production filling.

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