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The Series 500 is a line of heavy duty, pneumatically operated, high capacity volumetric piston fillers for a wide range of liquids, creams, pastes, and gels. Our Piston Fillers can dispense particulates up to 7/8” diameter at production volumes of 8 oz. to 1 gallon per fill. A variety of nozzles, cutoffs, cylinder sets, and accessories are available to meet your specific requirements. All stainless steel construction and pneumatic operation ideal for wash-down environments, hazardous locations, and may incorporate up to 12 dispensing heads. The Series 500 is suitable for accurate dispensing of most liquid or semi liquid products, and may be used for filling rigid containers and pouches. All contact parts are manufactured from stainless steel or suitable food grade plastics. Allowing them to be used for such diversified products such as food products, cosmetics & pharmaceuticals, home care products, and corrosive chemicals. Material may be handled hot or cold, and volumetric accuracy is usually within ±0.25%.
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