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Model BS Box Filling System


The Model BS Box Filling System fills large boxes with product. This is a “bulk and dribble” application. When the empty box is in place, a tare weight is established. A pneumatic lift then lifts the empty box from the scale to its bulk-fill position. A bottom-up fill occurs, ensuring that the amount of dust caused by product in motion will be minimized.

A dust hood is also provided to assist in dust control. As the bulk fill is in progress, the lift lowers to the scale at a slower speed. A bulk weight is taken at the scale. The lift then raises back up and the bottom-up dribble fill commences. The lift again lowers to the scale, and a final weight is taken. If it is underweight, a second dribble fill occurs. The scale also has a “real-time” weight function to guarantee flexibility and accuracy.

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