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The Model B-350e Auger Filling Machine is the latest development from ALL-FILL.

The innovative design makes the Model B-350e an affordable, reliable auger filler with the same rugged construction and dependable service which All-Fill is renowned for. It is the ultimate in operator convenience – precision engineered for time saving, cost cutting performance.

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  • Highly Accurate
  • Menu Driven Control Program (Setup, Select, Status, Test)
  • Dedicated Function Keys
  • PLC with Integrated HMI 
  • Adjustable Recycle Time
  • 5 Product Memory Storage
  • Unique Versatility – For Filling Powders, Granules, and Liquids
  • Availability: 24 Hour Delivery
  • Attractively Priced: New Engineering innovations allows for a reduction in price
  • Same rugged All-Fill construction
  • Same dependable All-Fill service and support
  • Basic “Off-The-Shelf” PLC and Operator Interface Panel
  • “Back-to-Simplicity” Innovative Design