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Automatic Series Labeler



This line of equipment is designed to wrap pressure sensitive labels around round products.  With the addition of a modified wrap station and pressure plate, the machine can also label square and oval containers.  A wide variety of options are available to include the following: Infeed handling devices, High speed drive packages and Bottle inspection systems.

All of our Wrap Labeling Systems are designed with ease of operation in mind. All adjustments to the label and label placement can be made on the fly, without interrupting the machine’s operation. Label changeover and minor adjustments may be made without the use of tools.

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Front and Back

Re-Pack manufactures a full line of labeling systems. This would include our family of in-line labelers. We are able to provide equipment to apply a single label or front and back panel labels. With the addition of a wrap station, either system will also apply labels to round products.

All of our in-line labeling systems are manufactured using the same modular design as with other Re-Pack equipment. The benefit of this, is that you may expand the system as your needs require. Adding optional components or complete labeling stations.


Three and four panel label applications on square and rectangular containers have become common place. So much so, we have designed a line of labeling systems specifically for these applications. We even manufacture a machine that can quickly be changed over from 3 panel to single panel or wrap label application.

All-fill equipment