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The Model 305 is a versatile single head piston liquid filler for liquids, creams, pastes and other viscous products. Fill volumes can range from .25 oz to 87 oz per cycle with up to 60 fills per minute in either manual or automatic operation. During a filling cycle, a piston travels back to draw product from the hopper into a precision machined cylinder, then extends forward to fill. Product is dispensed into the container through a filling nozzle and/or cutoff device. Various nozzle configurations available for specific products. Cutoffs prevent product from dripping after the fill.

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  • Production Rates
    Results vary according to fill size, product characteristics and operator efficiency
  • Features
    Dual speed filling for greater control. Convenient front panel volume adjustment; auto recycle. Simple volume adjustment by hand crank. Pneumatic control with foot switch or electrical initiation.
  • Nozzle Sizes
    A range of delivery nozzles allows exceptionally clean cut off of almost any liquid or semi liquid product
  • Fill Volumes
    6.5 ml to 2600 ml, with 6 metering cylinder options
  • Cylinder Sizes
    3/4" to 4 3/4” diameters available
  • Accuracy
    ±0.5%, typical
  • Product Supply
    Polished, stainless steel conical 7.2 gal. capacity hopper or 90° inlet adapter with 5’ of tubing from bulk supply, other upgrades available
  • Options
    Diaphragm cut off. Tri-clover fittings for hopper and nozzle connections. Push-button or footswitch initiation. A range of portable stainless steel stands - low level, standard and heavy-duty with adjustable height. Insulated hoppers. Flow actuated valve. Multi-stroke control. Container indexing. Conveyor. Level control. Portable stand, footswitch and agitation options. Large valve accepts 20mm pieces.
  • Controls
    Fill volume: stroke adjustment knob at front of unit, fill & recharge speed: adjustment, footswitch initiation
  • Pneumatic
    80 PSI, 5 SCFM

All dimensions and specifications are subject to change without notice. Consult your sales representative or email us at for exact information prior to purchase.

Common Applications

  • Apple Sauce

  • Jams / Jellies

  • Tomato Paste

  • Motor Oil

  • Ketchup

  • Mustard

  • Pesto / Relish

  • Peanut Butter

  • Cosmetic Pastes

  • Bubble Bath

  • Nail Polish

  • Body Scrubs

  • Yogurt

  • Ointments / Medicine

  • Petroleum Products

  • Shampoo & Hair Gel

  • Food Sauces

  • Building Adhesives

  • Epoxies / Adhesives

  • Liquid Wax

  • Lotions

  • Glue

  • Raw Dough

  • Honey

  • Cooking Oil

  • Hummus

  • Pâté

  • Salad Dressings

  • Butter / Margarine

  • Fruit Juices