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The ST/Series of vibratory feeders is the filling solution for the precise feeding and weighing of free-flowing and occasionally non free-flowing products. Vibratory fillers are able to move and fill products such as snack foods, hardware, and more without causing damage to the product. The ST/Series is available in multiple lanes as non-cascading, cascading, or bulk and dribble. Speeds range up to 60 containers per minute with filling weights of 0.5 oz to 10 lbs. The ST/Series allows products to be precisely conveyed, weighed, and dispensed at accuracies of ± 0.5 to 1%.

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  • All stainless steel


  • 120V /1ph/60hz (standard other voltages available)


  • 10.00” color touch screen
  • PC embedded control design.
  • Digital 32bit scale controller
  • 100 product memory

Control Features 

  • Alpha-numeric product naming
  • Statistical analysis of a shift run.
  • Weigh units of measure
  • Weight or count mode
  • Containers per minute readout
  • Individual control of all settings
  • Automatic tare of weigh bucket
  • User / Maintenance / Supervisor Log in


  • Weigh buckets sizes (.3l, 3l, 7l, or 11l)
  • Feed pan widths from .5” to 5.00”
  • Quick removal contact parts
  • 316 stainless steel contact parts
  • Hopper cover
  • Product level sensor
  • Washdown (not high pressure)
  • Dimpled or coated contact surfaces.
  • Nylon coating
  • Conveyor with indexing/automation
  • Integration with OEM (VFFS etc..)
  • Partition hopper for ingredient mixing.
  • Statistical package (USB)

Weights / Rates Per Lane*

Weight Lane 1  Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4
1 oz. to 6 oz. 15 cpm 30 cpm 45 cpm 60 cpm
8 oz. to 1 lb. 12 cpm 24 cpm 36 cpm 48 cpm
1 lb. to 3 lb. 10 cpm 20 cpm 30 cpm 30 cpm
3 lb. to 5 lb. 6 cpm 12 cpm 18 cpm 24 cpm

*Rates are estimated, final results are determined after testing

Common Applications*

Ground Coffee

Whole Bean Coffee

Fresh & Frozen Produce

Hard & Soft Candies

Granulars & Pellets     

Dried Fruit & Nuts      

Animal Treats        

Teas & Spices  


Delicate Snack Foods      



*Contact to learn more about your application and All-Fill's line of vibratory machines.

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