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Liquids, creams, pastes, and other viscous products can be dispensed using All-Fill’s line of volumetric piston fillers.

Models are available to dispense product in amounts ranging from less than an ounce to over a gallon per cycle.

A wide range of accessories is offered, including cutoffs, conveyors, and container handling packages. All pneumatic operation and stainless steel construction make these models ideal for washdown food/dairy applications and for use in hazardous environments.

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The Model 505 can be used for a wide range of products including:

  • Adhesives, Motor Oil, Epoxy, Resins, Paint, Ink 
  • Butter & Margarine
  • Cold Cream, Shampoos & Conditioners, Nail Polish, Ointments, Fungicides
  • Cheeses, Yogurt
  • Salad Dressings, Sauces, Oils
  • Ketchup & Mustard, Relishes
  • Jams & Jellies, Peanut Butter, Honey
  • Cordials, Desserts, Dough, Extracts
  • Fruit Salad, , Mashed Potatoes, Pâté, Soups & Stews, Burrito Mix 


  • Fill Range: 8 oz. to 1.16 gal. 
  • Cylinder Sizes: Various sizes available
  • Features: Large port rotary valve accommodates particles up to 0.8” diameter. Variations available for greater capacity and multiple positions for fully automatic operation. 

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